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A crack in asphalt or bitumen can be caused by wet and dry weather or maybe a poor top surface.

These cracks then let in water which softens up the base. In the short term this can turn into a pothole or a major repair. At Budget Asphalt Repairs we can minimise this from happening by sealing the crack with a hot rubberised bitumen which you can drive or walk on in no time minimising your down time and saving you money in the long run.

Budget Asphalt Repairs uses quality Australian made waterproofing and crack sealing products that are designed for trafficable asphalt and concrete pavements. Our asphalt crack sealing solution is environmentally friendly and overcomes hazardous issues associated with traditional pavement products. Our asphalt and bitumen crack sealing service provides a long term solution for major primary and minor secondary roads, bridges, car parks, suspended structures, airfields, airports, foot paths and walkways, bike lanes, sports surfaces, industrial flooring and expansion joint systems.


It’s All in the Details

A simple pothole is annoying - they ruin tyres on cars, ankles on people, and worst of all they can become a major costly repair if not fixed.

Potholes segregate water into the sub base making it a major repair. We have specialty trucks, plant and equipment to repair asphalt defects fast.

So if you have a pothole, get it fixed by the professionals BUDGET ASPHALT REPAIRS and save yourself the hassle of a law suit or repairs to your customers' vehicles.

Smoothing Concrete


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When you’re looking for top quality work, Budget Asphalt Repairs is here to help. Our team of professionals is available to provide a wide range of customizable options, all guaranteed to meet and exceed expectations. Contact our office today to learn more about this and our other available services.


By law a shopping centre or unit complex etc must comply to a safety standard, be covered by public liability and have speed bumps installed.

BUDGET ASPHALT REPAIRS can build a speed bump from asphalt to any specification you need and we can even organise the linemarking.