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Budget Asphalt Repairs is a small asphalt job specialist and asphalt repairs company proudly serving Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our local expertise has supported our customers for over 14 years. Please do not take our word for it, either read our testimonials, check out some of our customers below, or ask for a free, no obligation quote and see for yourself. We guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

Dean Barker has worked in the asphalt and bitumen repair industry for over 23 years. 14 of those in southeast Queensland, and before that in New Zealand. Dean and his team know how to repair asphalt and how to lay new asphalt works to ensure longevity and resilience. Unlike concrete, asphalt is a living, breathing medium that can contend with ground movement and still maintain serviceability. However, all asphalt/bitumen surfaces and their underlying sub-structure, require periodic maintenance to maintain their resilience and serviceability.


Get tips on how to save money maintain asphalt to avoid costly repairs.

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