Where do we begin?!!! Dean cut his teeth in the asphalt industry on the south island of New Zealand before he and his Mrs decided that south east QLD had a warmer climate and was where they wanted to raise their young family.

Our Boss & Asphalt Artist.


Josh is an accomplished asphalt artist with International credentials. He is our leading hand, and no job goes uncertified by Josh. Although his role is a serious one, he is always the first one on the team to find a humorous take on challenging situations.

Joshua’s easy going but highly and quality focused approach endears him to our customers and suppliers alike.

Senior Asphalt Artist.



Kenneth is strong, quick, and determined to ensure our customers always recieve his best repair efforts no matter what the challenge.
You will see Kenneth turning a trip hazard nightmare into workplace health and safety perfection one day, and underground carpark repairs into a level runway the next. Just like Joshua, Ken is focused on teaching his skills to Jed and Lewis.

Asphalt Artist.


Apprentice Asphalt Artist. Jed is Dean's son but don't be fooled into thinking that gets him any special treatment. In fact, we think Jed possibly is on the receiving end of more of the hard asphalt repair yakka than the rest of us.

However, Jed takes it all in his stride because you could say, asphalt and bitumen repairs are in his blood.

Junior Asphalt Artist.



Apprentice Asphalt Artist. Lewis is our other "young fella" apprentice and you could say, he and Jed are sometimes in competition with each other to see who is the best asphalt and bitumen repairer.

This healthy approach to work is evedent in the results of our team because each of us is committed to ensuring we do not only do our best, but also never let any obstacle deter us from making the best asphalt and bitumen repairs. 

Junior Asphalt Artist.