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Can I pressure-wash asphalt?

Yes, you can. However, just as with concrete, you need to take precautions. Here are some tips based on my experience caring for asphalt over many years.

Don’t use high pressure! You want to “water-sweep” and not water-jet drill which can damage the asphalt surface.

Start off with the lowest pressure tip and ONLY increase if necessary to achieve an efficient, non-damaging, sweep.

Don’t hold the water-jet tip close to the surface you are cleaning.

Use a shallow-angled sweeping action instead of a steep and close action.

Don’t dwell on the same, concentrated section for more than 5 seconds.

Final thought: Asphalt is an oil and tar-based emulsion containing a special mix of crushed gravel. Avoid the temptation to use high-pressure which can damage the asphalt surface, just as it does to concrete.

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